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The Mission

Our Mission is to preserve, analyze, and depict the legal history of the State of Georgia, especially that of the Supreme Court of Georgia and other courts of the State and the Bar, and to disseminate that history for the purposes of educating the public and the legal community.

Our Goals

To develop and foster an awareness of the significance of Georgia legal history among the members of the State Bar of Georgia as well as law students, academics, non-lawyer professionals, and lay individuals, and to support appropriate educational and similar efforts to achieve this goal

To publish a newsletter or other publications informing interested members and other about activities and other matters of interest related to Georgia legal history

To cooperate fully with other organizations devoted to the preservation and dissemination of Georgia legal history

To coordinate activities among and between the judiciary, the State Bar of Georgia, the law schools of the State, and other relevant entities regarding the preservation and dissemination of Georgia legal history

To recognize and present awards to distinguished Georgia lawyers and judges and to develop opportunities for lawyers, judges, and law students to gather formally and informally to further the mission and goals of the Georgia Legal History Foundation

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